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Side A

1.Silk Road(Main theme)--Kitaro

2.It is a long road--Dan Hill

3.Angel Queen--Dara Sedaka

4.Back to school again--The four tops


6.words of love(Si La Vie Est Cadeau)-Corinne Hermes

7.Disco E.T(Flying Theme)--Sound Designer

8.Never again--Toms Ledin & Agnetha Faltskog


Side B

1.Caravan--Pages with Kitaro

2.Aie a mwana--Bananarama

3.Babe,we're gonna love tonite--Lime

4.You and I-Eddie Rabbitt & Crystal Gayle

5.The day before you came-ABBA

6.Stepping out--Joe Jackson

7.I know there's somthing going on--Frida


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