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Side A

Chen Gang / He Zhan-hao (Revised by Chen Gang)

"The Butterfly Lovers" Violin Concerto



Side B

Six Popular Chinese Melodies For Violin and Orchestra

1. Beloved Hung Chai 紅彩妹妹

2.Three Wishes For A Rose 玫瑰三願

3. Without Rain Flowers Will Not Blossom 雨不灑花花不紅

4. Green Mountain 高山青

5. Love Song Of The Grassland 草原情歌

6. Purple Bamboo Melody 紫竹調

梁山伯與祝英台小提琴協奏曲 (透明碟)

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  • Version: Digital Recording Stereo 6.240103

    HK香港唱片有限公司 1982

    Media Condition: VG


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