A1 母愛(主題) Mile Of Love (Main Theme) 3:35
A2 大陸、激怒幹部、被封屋 Motherland, Infuriated Cadre, Home Sealed Off 1:55
A3 苦工、嫲嫲去世、搞四化 Bitter Labour, Grandma Passed Away, Four Modernizations 2:26
A4 回鄉尋女(汕頭市) Return Home To Search For A Lost Daughter 1:20
A5 喜聞女兒消息、母女重逢 Joyful News, Mother And Daughter Reunion 1:30
B1 回憶、悮罵母親、無奈、甘被凌辱 Reminiscence, Slander Of Mother, Futility, Resigned To Humiliation 2:03
B2 大鄉里、遇男友、離家出走 Country Yokel, Encountering A Boyfriend, Runaway From Home 1:45
B3 脫衣舞院、眼見女兒墮落而悲痛 The Striptease Cabaret, Eyewitness to Daughter's Degeneration Grief 1:30
B4 失落、母親之死 Despair, Mother's Death 2:36
B5 結尾主題 Epilogue Theme

陳永良 ‎– 母愛

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