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A1Autumn Moon Mirrored In The Pond

Composed By – Lu Wan-cheng*

A2The Sorrow Of Zhao-Jun 
A3The Bamboo Curtain 
A4Song Of Sorrow 
A5The Hungry Horse Swing His Bell

Composed By – He Liu-tang*

A6Banana Tree In The Rain

Composed By – He Liu-tang*

B1Terrifying Waves

Composed By – Lu Wan-cheng*

B2Peacock Spreading His Tail 
B3The Running Horse 
B4Sad Autumn 
B5Thunder In Time Of Drought

Composed By – Yan Lao-Lie

B6Three Reflections Of The Moon In The Pond

Peking Film Orchestra*, Liu Ming-yuan* ‎– Popular Cantonese Melodies

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