A.1 –Charlie G* Llama L'Amor

Written-By – Glass*, Rodney*

A.2 –Joes Yellow* I'm Your Lover

Written-By – Ricchini*, Crivellente*, Farina*

A.3 –Clockwork Toys* You're My Heart You're My Soul / You Can Win If You Want / Cheri Cheri Lady

Written-By – D. Bohlen*

A.4 –Yvonne Koomen Last Night

Written-By [Uncredited] – Raff Todesco

A.5 –Primero Oh Que Calor

Written-By – M. Van Der Kuy*

A.6 –Sisley Ferre* Give Me Your Love

Written-By – M. Van Der Kuy*

A.7 –Green Ice Gigolo

Written-By – Rodriquez*, Quer*, Berengueras*

A.8 –Alan Barry Hie Hie Hie

Written-By – Farina*, Vangok

A.9 –Joe Yellow Lover To Lover

Written-By – Ricchini*, Formentelli*

A.10 –Day Dream* In The Night

Written-By – Cesar*

A.11 –Alan Cook Bad Dreams

Written-By – Carbo*

A.12 –David Lyme Bambina

Written-By – Cubino*

A.13 –Cruisin' Gang Let's All Funky

Written-By – Fields*, Tricomi*, Zager*, Greenberg*

B.1 –M.A.R.R.S.* Pump Up The Volume

Written-By – S. & M. Young

B.2 –Larabell Ah L'Amour

Written-By – Catalano*, Pavesi*, Secchi*

B.3 –Ryan Paris Fall In Love

Written-By – Mazzolini*, Giombini*

B.4 –G&M* Don't Let You Down

Written-By – Crivellente*, Farina*

B.5 –Jane And Jilly* Honey

Written-By – Falcus-Vangok*

B.6 –Cruisin' Gang Let's All Funky

Written-By – Fields*, Tricomi*, Zager*, Greenberg*

B.7 –Ric Fellini Welcome To Rimini

Written-By – Panariello*, Barboni*, Farina*

B.8 –Humphrey Devil Love

Written-By – McFoy*Written-By [Uncredited] – Massimo Noè, Piero Cairo

B.9 –Maxhim* Japanese Girl

Written-By – Faragli*, Trevisani*

B.10 –Macho Gang Naughty Boy

Written-By – Crivellente*, Farina*

B.11 –Jock Hattle Crazy Family

Written-By – Ruggeri*, Turatti*, Tirone*

B.12 –Primero Oh Que Calor

Written-By – Van Der Kuy*

B.13 –Green Ice Gigolo

Written-By – Rodriquez*, Quer*, Berengueras*

B.14 –Marce I Want You

Written-By – Manzano*, Quijada*

B.15 –Sisley Ferre* Give Me Your Love

Written-By – Van Der Kuy*

B.16 –David Lyme Bambina

Written-By – Cubino*

B.17 –Day Dream* Crazy

Written-By – Irene Cesar*

B.18 –Charles Martins Piping Hot House

Written-By – Carlo Zanella

Various ‎– Mega Re-Remix 2

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