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LP/ Vinyl / Vinyl record recycling

Our company provides door-to-door cash recycling services for vinyl records. Please call us to inquire about recycling prices and details. Tel: 84820388 (24 hours)

Vinyl records/CDs/cassettes/audio recycling process: 


1: Please take photos or videos of vinyl records/CDs/cassettes/stereos or audio-visual products to be recycled

2: Send to our company via any of the following methods


- WhatsApp :+852 84820388

- WeChat :  cswkenny

- Email:


3: After our company receives the information, we will confirm with you, quote and arrange on-site recycling time

4: To protect the health of the other party, our company recommends that transactions be conducted outside the guest’s door

5: The seller can choose cash, Payme or FPS as the transaction method.

6: If you have any questions, please call our staff at 84820388



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vinyl record

WeChat ID : cswkenny

Purchase vinyl, CD records, and cassette tapes at high prices, including the following:

Alan Tam, Leslie Cheung, Danny Chan, Kit Wong, Teddy Robin, Sam Hui, Kevin Kwan, George Lam, Luo Man, Nick Cheung, Du Dewei, Lu Fang, Lai Ming, Jacky Cheung, Andy Lau, Choi Kwok-won, Au Rui-keung, Luo Dayou, Cui Jian, Anita Mui, Tsui Siu-fung, Ip Chan-man , Lin Yilian, Priscilla Chan, Liu Meijun, Shuyi Kwan, Teresa Teng, Wang Jingwen, Ng Wanfang, Vivian Chow, Michelle Yen, Jenny Yen, Teo Cheung, Tsai Chin, Daming Yipai, Beyond, Tai Chi, Dream Theater, Blue Jeans, Cantonese opera, all Mandarin and Cantonese, any of China, Hong Kong and Taiwan Era singers, etc.


Various versions of CD acquisition, Denon version, Denon masked version, Denon half-character version, Toshiba version, West German version, Sanyo version, Hong Kong version, Sony version, French version, Mitsubishi version, Korean version, Hong Kong version, Japanese version, Silver Circle , rubber ring, frosted ring, etc.

All white plate discs, single records, promotional editions, front pages, Taiwan editions, autographed, unopened, patterned discs, limited editions, gold discs, fever discs, etc.

Various types of music include pop music, rock music, jazz, classical music, Chinese music, movie soundtracks, Japanese, anime and cartoons, pure music, etc.



批發唱片 : 包括黑膠、CD唱片、卡式帶、Bluray 歡迎直接聯絡本店如下:


- WhatsApp : +852 8482-0388

- WeChat :  cswkenny

- Email :


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