A1 七窍玲珑心 = Only Miss My Love  
A2 月夜细诉 = Moonlight Talk  
A3 我愿水长流 = Never Ending Love  
A4 又想起你 = Thinking Of You Again  
A5 少一个人儿诉情话 = One Less To Talk To  
A6 月亮还在屋簷上 = The Moonlight  
B1 谁来敲我的门 = Who Is Knocking At My Door  
B2 我不再相信你 = I Don't Believe You Anymore  
B3 爱的残梦 = The End Of Love  
B4 当我见到了你 = When I See You  
B5 爱与恨 = Love And Hate  
B6 秋枫红了秋霜浓 = Mid Autumn

劉韻 七竅玲瓏心

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