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A1The Nightingale2:34
A2Dreaming By The Riverside In Spring4:12
A3Song Of The Fishermen3:48
A4Midnight Fragrance3:08
A5The Maidens Of Alisan2:48
A6Bengawan Solo4:30
A8Dahil Saiyo3:34
B1Dark Clouds In The Sky2:28
B2I Wish I Were A Swallow4:28
B3Mending An Old Net3:56
B4Flower In The Rainy Night3:02
B5Peach Blossoms Floating In The River2:04
B6When Will You Be Back?4:18
B7Without You

The Singapore Symphony Orchestra*, Choo Hoey ‎– Peach Blossoms Floating In The W

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