Track listing


  • A1不想又想 (The Feeling of Love)

  • A2想思夢 (Dream of Love)

  • A3小小羊兒要回家 (Little Sheep Are Returning Home)

  • A4為什麼不説愛我 (Why Don't You Say You Love Me)

  • A5處處吻 (Kisses Everywhere)

  • A6珍珠自嘆 (Pearl's Sorrow)

  • B1小時候 (Young Days)

  • B2花落誰家 (To Whom Will I Belong)

  • B3魚兒香電影 (The Fish Are Fresh)

  • B4敲窗雨 (Rain on the Window)

  • B5戀愛十字架 (The Cross of Love)

  • B6情郎一去三年半 (A Time to Wait)

劉韻 不想又想

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