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Side A

1.E.T(The flying Theme)-John Williams/Boston Pops

2.It's a long road-Dan Hill

3.Eye of the tiger--Survivor

4.Chariots of fire(main Theme)-John william/Boston Pops

5.Fame-Irene Cara

6.Back to school again--The four Tops

7.Superman(March)-John william/Boston Pops


Side B

1.The Chase--Giorgio Moroder

2.The imperial march(Darth Vader's Theme)-The London Symphony Orchestra

3.Endless Love--Lionel Richie/Diana Ross

4.Star wars(main theme)--John william/Boston Pops

5.Grease--Frankie Valli

6.Night Fever-Bee Gees

寶麗星10號 POLYSTAR 10

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